About INP Partners

Our Mission

Provide Non-Profits with the reports they need to demonstrate results and drive change.

Our Vision

To create a national database of comprehensive non-profit data to support benchmarking and research for all.

About INP Partners

Non-Profit leaders throughout the United States and globally acknowledge the increasing pressure to show measurable results.

INP Partners was created to provide non-profits with a simple, low-cost resource for collecting their data, integrating into a single database and providing analytics on an as-needed basis. By providing this resource to non-profits, they can now demonstrate their impact on their clients and the community using validated data...not just anecdotal success stories.

As the list of non-profit clients grow, INP Partners will have a massive collection of data to support benchmarking and research across non-profit industries. Again, this is in response to a strongly expressed interest of non-profit leaders.

In order to keep the cost well within affordability for non-profits, INP Partners maintains incredibly low overhead. This is accomplished by leveraging the extremely affordable infrastructure provided by today’s technology. Through hosted services and no physical footprint (e.g. physical offices), INP Partners can keep fees at an absolute minimum.

Non-Profits no longer have a reason to not measure their impact!

About the Founder

Josh Ciszek


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