Services & Pricing

Learn from Your Data

Non-Profits have volumes of data stored in various systems. Linking that data enables non-profits to find trends and relationships to inform decision-making. INP will do the following:

  • Blend data across all platforms
  • Provide analytic reports on-demand
  • Reports are interactive and automatically updated

The solution requires no software and no burden on staff.

Management Services


Even with reports, some Non-Profits struggle to leverage them effectively to manage. INP Partners provides services to:

  • Make Data/Information part of your Non-Profit Culture
  • Translate your Mission into Metrics
  • Implement meaningful CQI methods

Let INP Partners train your executives and staff on effective methods of orienting discussions around outcomes and change.

Benchmarking & Research


As more non-profits join INP Partners, data can be compared and analyzed across the nation…all while maintaining the strictest confidentiality. INP Partners already maintains a vast collection of public data sets that can be easily linked to yours.

Get the reports and analysis you’ve always wanted...
accurately, fast and affordably!!!


***Renewals can be discounted up to 100% based on referrals***

  • Size of Non-Profit
    (in Revenue)
    Reporting & Analysis
    Management Services
    Benchmarking & Research
    Referral Discount*
  • Under $10 Million
    Tier 1
  • $10 Million to < $20 Million
    Tier 2
  • $20 Million to < $35 Million
    Tier 3
  • $35+ Million
    Tier 4

* Referral must be originated in writing by an existing INP Partners member and result in a signed contract and payment. Discounts are applied to the next scheduled renewal after the Effective Date of the referred agency contract. Contact INP Partners for more details.