Services & Pricing

On-Demand Reports & Analysis

Linking your data enables your to find trends and relationships to inform decision-making. INP will do the following:

  • Blend data across all platforms
  • Provide analytic reports on-demand
  • Reports are interactive and automatically updated

The solution requires no software and no burden on staff.

Data Management

Achieving your mission requires good strategies based on informed decisions from the meaningful analysis of good data.

INP will help you ensure good data by:

  • Implementing sound data governance
  • Evaluating data capture practices
  • Advising on 3rd-Party software procurement and implementation
  • Project management services



As more non-profits join INP Partners, data can be compared and analyzed across the nation…all while maintaining the strictest confidentiality. INP Partners already maintains a vast collection of public data sets that can be easily linked to yours.

Get the reports and analysis you’ve always wanted...
accurately, fast and affordably!!!


***Renewals can be discounted up to 100% based on referrals***

  • Size of Non-Profit
    (in Revenue)
    Reporting & Analysis
    Management Services
    Benchmarking & Research
    Referral Discount*
  • Under $10 Million
    Tier 1
  • $10 Million to < $20 Million
    Tier 2
  • $20 Million to < $35 Million
    Tier 3
  • $35+ Million
    Tier 4

* Referral must be originated in writing by an existing INP Partners member and result in a signed contract and payment. Discounts are applied to the next scheduled renewal after the Effective Date of the referred agency contract. Contact INP Partners for more details.